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Meet the sweet, hot, and crispy rendition on the always comforting classic grilled cheese. Recipe crafted by Dorcas Lin (@miracletoneslover).

Cook time: 15 min Prep time: 10 min Serving size: 2 servings
  • 2 slices italian loaf bread

  • 2 tbsp butter

  • 1 block monterey jack, (β…“ cup shredded)

  • Honey

  • Β½ medium-sized apple

  • 1 tsp Fly by Jing Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp


On a cheese grater, shred your monterey jack block until there is around β…“ cup of shredded cheese. Set aside.

Slice apple into thin slices.

Butter the exterior sides of both slices of bread and place face down.

On one slice, drizzle honey and place apple slices side by side until the entire bread is covered.

On the other slice, drizzle and spread Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp then place cheese evenly on top.

Heat up a small pan on medium heat.

Place stacked sandwich over heat for around 5-7 minutes or until the butter has created a nice golden brown crust.

Flip and repeat on other side. Feel free to press down on the sandwich with your spatula. At this point, the cheese should be gooey.

Remove from heat and enjoy with your favorite soup or as is!