Puni Petals

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There’s always bright, vibrant, and blooming petals in Puni Petal’s home. As a florist sculptor and designer, Puni’s lush creations have been spotted in magazines, boutique stores, and elegant wedding scapes. Outside of floral arrangements, you might find Puni exploring nature in her hometown in Thailand with fresh eyes, foraging in the fields of LA, or whipping up a spicy hot pot meal for her friends. (It’s one of her all time favorite meals, and we agree!). Introducing Puni, a creative force whose love of whimsy and nature inspires us to create.

Who fuels you to do your work?

The seasons. I love the changing of seasons at the flower market. I’m always looking forward to what flowers I will see at the market that day and what flowers I’m counting the days to be in season. Flowers themselves are my biggest inspiration. The ever-changing florals that come in each week makes me so excited to wake up early and go to work every day.

Give me your hottest take about the floral industry?

The only rule is: There are no rules! Traditional floristry used to be more theoretical, with formulas and recipes and “proper” ways to arrange. I think now you can be inspired by anything and everything, we are experimenting constantly. It’s the best way to approach creation—Play, play, play!

What has recently inspired you that you weren’t expecting?

This sounds weirdly morbid but… Dying flowers! My favorite are week-old peonies with half the petals already fallen off and the colors all faded. So heartbreakingly beautiful.

Tell me about a life experience that expanded your mind?

Last year I went to London to attend a workshop of one of my favorite floral artists. Strangely, it was one of the first times I was doing florals for myself, not for any brand or client, and I was able to really push the comfort zone of my creativity. I was lucky in a sense that my floral business took off so fast and so early in my career, that I don’t really get the time to do florals for fun much anymore—that trip really reminded me how important it is to reconnect with that part of your passion, especially when it also a happens to be your job.

Describe a meal that changed your life?

I love cooking! I haven’t had much time to cook for myself these days but I do try to carve out some time every week, it’s my favorite hobby. The life-changing are the easy one-pot recipes—that includes hot pot night with friends! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Japanese nabemono, it’s so wholesome and cozy and so easy to make for yourself or with friends. I seriously need to get myself a donabe!

What is a place that grounds you?

My country, Thailand. Whenever I go home, I always have random moments where I look out and think "Wow, this is my home. There are my people. Here, without saying a word, is where I’m fully understood.” It’s always a moment of pure gratitude and joy washing over me.

What are you hoping to spark with your work?

Romance! Beauty! Tenderness! Delight! There’s always a place them in your everyday life, you just have to look closely and you will see!