HEATseeker: Jennifer Jolorte Doro and Irene Liu

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As founders of Chiyo, a meal delivery program for new and expecting mothers, Jennifer Jolorte Doro and Irene Liu know this deeply. When Jennifer, a clinical nutritionist and postpartum chef, first met Irene, a business-oriented leader, they immediately clicked over the desolate state of postpartum care. Now in its fourth year, Chiyo delivers flavorful and nourishing pre-packed meals to mothers around the country.

What's something unexpected about your career path?

I [Irene] actually wanted to be a journalist. But obviously my parents were very against that. Because typically, you know, they wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer or something more stable. Not that I became anything stable in the end. But all to say, being an entrepreneur was never promoted in my direct family. I think it's funny, because to jump two to three generations before me, we're all entrepreneurs. But then once we came to America, I think it kind of got squashed and like, do something stable and you know, get the professional degrees. I'm hoping to spark this for people — there can be a different version of entrepreneurship that works for you. And that traditional monolith of what an entrepreneur looks like? It's a myth. There are plenty of people who are more risk averse, because of their upbringing, or don't look like you or come from non traditional backgrounds. It's not rocket science, it's grit and curiosity.

What are you hoping to spark with your work?

I'm hoping to change the food foundation for many generations. I think so much of our day to day nutrition is influenced by so many things like our upbringing, culture, access and exposure.

There is no one right way but we would love to empower people with the knowledge they deserve to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Who fuels you to do your work?

Our customers, my boys and our early supporters.

Give me your hottest take about pregnancy/motherhood/postpartum care?

This country doesn't do a good job of taking care of mothers who are at the core of society. Its a shame, a disservice and completely humiliating.

What has recently inspired you that you weren’t expecting?

A cliche mom response, I will say my boys inspire me everyday.

I truly enjoy learning about their days, interacting with the world through their eyes and prioritizing the simple pleasures of every day — whether finding bugs, playing pretend or hearing about what they learned in school.

It's my greatest gift.

what is a meal that changed your life?

Irene: There's meals that are nostalgic that you always go back to. For example in Taiwan there's one beef noodle soup place that I've been going to since I was like three, four years old. I always go back to the same line. It's in a little alley off like the Ximending. And I think that just holds so much nostalgia for me and always is my first meal that I go back to. The menu has four items so they do this one specialty extremely well which I feel like it's just like a product of a lot of vendors in Taiwan. It's obviously really delicious but I especially like the nostalgic elements.

SO many. But I think the first time I went to Europe - I was able to visit a friend in Norway and had deer for the first time! Scandinavian cuisine is delicious and home cooked full of love. Also, their salmon is absolute perfection.