Hyungi Park

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In Hyungi Park's studio, the intoxicating aroma of history lingers. Hyungi has cultivated a modern practice that pays homage to incense and its traditional use in religious ceremonies, medicine, and daily life. All her natural incense is made with intention and by hand, a process she graciously shares in workshops across the country. Meet Hyungi, a multi-talented artist and educator who brings curiosity and excitement to her evolving practice.

What has recently inspired you that you weren’t expecting?

My mother - we’ve been rekindling our relationship and every time we speak, I am so inspired and in awe of her. She works at a library and puts on a lot of the public programs, teaches workshops, and has been exploring 3D printing. I’m finding we’re a lot more similar than I thought.

Give me your hottest take about the tattoo industry?

It’s hard work, honestly the hardest job I’ve ever had, but also can be the most rewarding- I’ve made lots of meaningful connections through such an intimate practice.

Who fuels you to do your work?

It used to be my parents, in that I would prove them wrong by thriving in the life I chose, but now it’s for myself. I want to challenge myself and grow everyday to be the best version of myself.

Tell me about a life experience that expanded your mind?

I studied sculpture in art school, afterwards I traveled for 13 months applying for artist residencies, grants, and shows and lived nomadically. I had to navigate so many new experiences- good and bad, nothing can replace that time and I’m grateful for how it’s shaped me and how I approach life.

Describe a meal that changed your life

I had the privilege of enjoying a dinner by Nanoom Dining, it was incredibly thoughtful and intricate. It’s someone who I can call a friend, and felt so cared for in a meal- which was not only physically nourishing but emotionally as well.

What are you hoping to spark with your work?

Curiosity and excitement, I work in incense and teach workshops, I hope that people are just as curious and excited to get to know more about incense and the history/traditions as it informs a lot of my work.

What is a place that grounds you?

Home- meaning the space I’ve created for myself to recharge. I never really attributed a location as “home” for me, so home has always been the world I imagine.