The Hot Pot Starter Set

not just a pot, a hot pot.

Everything you need to build the fire hot pot of your sweatiest dreams at your kitchen table.

  • The Hot Pot: an electric hot pot with a flexible temperature control dial for table top use. Includes a glass lid, heat-safe handles, and an easy-read power indicator light. Feeds up to 6 people. 

  • 2x Silver Chopsticks: 2 sets of silver chopsticks emblazoned with our signature lightning bolt. Bzzzzt.

  • 2x Slotted Spoons: Designed to interlock with the pot edge—no more fishing for your spoon in a boiling vat of volcanic broth. Yay.

  • 2x Fire Hot Pot Base: Our all-natural spicy, tingly, complex soup base—just add liquid. Spiced with a warming medley of ginger, star anise, and clove and rounded out with Sichuan Pepper extract to electrify your tastebuds.

Meet The Fire Hot Pot Base

With our spicy, tingly, complex soup base, a fire hot pot at home is only three steps away.
  1. Add water or stock to the Fire Hot Pot Base.

  2. Bring to a boil.

  3. Then make it yours.

Not a super souper? Fire Hot Pot Base makes a killer stir fry sauce—just add meat or veggies and light up your tastebuds. 🔥


The table is yours to set. Here are our favorite hot pot add-ins to take the Fire Hot Pot Base from 100 to 💯.


Praise for the hot pot starter set