Objects and flavors designed to bring people together around a thoughtful and well-seasoned meal. Dressed up in limited-edition holiday packaging and ready to gift — for them, or for you. Save on Jing's Faves, now up to 30% off. 

30% OFF
Display of all FBJ holiday collection in a Chinese medicine shop


When I set out to create this year’s holiday assortment, I wanted each piece to complement the best part of any celebration: the meal. This collection is made up of beautiful and thoughtfully designed objects and flavors for setting a great table and cooking great food—which is what I’m all about.

Personally, I’ve been using my Big Steamy non-stop. I’ve steamed eggs, fish, dumplings, veggies, and I love how it’s pretty enough to double as serveware. The fire-glazed ceramic base even doubles as a mini-donabe! My Salsero Serve Set, made in collaboration with Oaxacan artisans, has become an instant staple on my tabletop and is my new favorite center piece. I love that my Fly By Jing jars finally have a pedestal fitting of their status as the star of the meal.

If you’re looking to give the gift of flavor this holiday, we have two new sets to suit palates of all kinds. The limited-edition Holiday Triple Threat features our best-sellers and includes a perfectly sized spoon for drizzling straight out of the box. For the FBJ super fans, we’ve curated the By Jing Box. This one has all of my signature flavors, including our newest additions to the line: the OG and Xtra Spicy Sichuan Chili Crisp, Mala Spice Mix, Zhong Sauce, and my new favorite: Chili Crisp Vin. (Don’t tell the others.)

So whether you’re gifting to yourself or your favorite people, I hope our holiday collection is the gateway to incredible flavors and even better conversations this season.—Jing