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Stay cool with this ready-in-minutes cold silken tofu dish by Jill Maniago (@jillcooksthings). Refreshing and smooth, to brighten those tastebuds.

Cook time: 5 min Prep time: 5 min Serving size: 2-3 servings
  • 1 pack silken tofu

  • 1/2 cucumber

  • Scallions

  • 1 small knob ginger

  • 1 clove garlic

  • 1/2 tbsp honey or sugar

  • 1/2 tbsp Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

  • 3 tbsp soy sauce

  • 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar

  • 1 tsp sesame oil

  • Sesame seeds


Remove seeds from the cucumber and chop into small chunks.

Cut scallions.

Add cucumbers and scallions to a bowl.

Add in sugar, Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and mix together.

Drain water from tofu and cut into about 1/2 inch slices.

Let the tofu pieces lean against each other to create a domino effect.

Pour sauce mixture over the tofu and garnish with sesame seeds.